"Experience isn't interesting until it begins to repeat itself - in fact, until it does that, it hardly is experience."

Elizabeth Bowen

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Algotronix is the leading U.K. based supplier of technical due diligence on semiconductor and semiconductor IP companies. By focussing on well defined core competencies, Algotronix delivers unparalleled levels of specialised technical expertise and service to its clients


Commercial Core Competencies

Evaluating costs and development schedules in semiconductor and semiconductor IP business plans

Evaluating commercial feasibility of semiconductor business plans

Competitive Analysis of proposed semiconductor products

Evaluating technical feasibility of proposed semiconductor products

Identifying potential M&A opportunities and comparable companies for valuation purposes

Evaluating intellectual property including prior art and patent infringement analysis


Technical Core Competencies

Silicon Design

Architecture of Programmable Logic Chips

Computer architectures based on programmable logic for signal and image processing and embedded computation

Cryptographic techniques for enforcing licenses on semiconductor and programmable logic intellectual property